Rules & Regulations


1. Fines may be imposed by the principal for irregularity. Indiscipline or for damage to the school property.
2. All students must take part in drill and outdoors games. Students who cannot do so, on grounds of health should product a valid medical certificate.
3. Pupils must speak English in the school premises
4. Articles found in the school premises are to be handed over the principal.


Discipline is an integral part of the school. The School encourages self discipline that arises from within and remains throughout life. Some general rules of discipline to be followed are :
1. Students are expected to maintain discipline within the school campus and in class.
2. Students ID card should be worn at all times while in school.
3. Students should remain the school campus during school hours and not venture out on any pretext. Adequate snacks and stationary should be brought.
4. Students must keep their class and surroundings clean and not litter.
5. Our students are expected to speak only in English right from the moment they enter the school premises and also inside school vans
6. Discipline and good behaviour should be maintained inside the school vans.
7. Bullying is strictly not allowed and action will be taken if any case of bullying is observed.
8. Students should not have parties in their classrooms or on the school premises.
9. All tests and evaluations are compulsory and exemption from evaluations will not be considered unless on medical grounds supported with evidence.
10. Taking leave during working days is strongly discouraged. Parents are responsible to make up for the loss of the students in case of leave taken. The school will expect. These students to be at par with the class in every way and that must be ensured by the parents only.
11. Students are encouraged to maintain a simple lifestyle and keep away from flamboyance. Please co-operate to ensure that proper discipline is maintained inside and outside school premises.


1. Their wards are regularly coming to the school in proper time, in neat and clean approved uniform.
2. Wards are carrying proper books and copies according to the schedule of the day along with their student diary.
3. Their wards devote sufficient time to complete assignments and revise their lessons at home daily for better performance.
4. Their wards are regularly depositing complete assignments on time to the teacher for correction and getting them back after required correction within three days.
5. Their wards are not carrying any valuable item such as expensive watch, pen, calculator, transistors and jewellery etc. They do not borrow or lend any item, money, books etc. from or to any body in the school. No one will be responsible for such transaction.
6. Their wards are observing general code of conduct in and outside the school.
7. Any kind of damage done to school property or premises by a student is to be made good by him/her.
8. Students should keep their bicycles at the cycle stand with properly locked, school authorities will not be held responsible for any loss.
9. Their wards should not disturb anybody in the classroom.
10. Three months notice to the school for withdrawal of their wards should be given in writing before 10th day of the month other wise fees will be charged for notice period.
11. Non-Sikh boys are not allowed to keep long hair. The girl students are advised not to wear any colored hair pins except white band or ribbon. No make up should be applied by the students.
12. Their wards should take fresh lunch of their interest with a napkin spread over the desk while having lunch. During break, lunch is supervised by the class teacher.

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