Guru Nanak Convent school is an ultimate solution and platform of knowledge and noble ideas. It is ideally situated & spread over a vast area in the serene & pollution free area on outer skirt of Powayan Shahjahanpur. It is co-education English medium school covering science, commerce & arts stream.

Vision Statement

Every child is potentially the light of the world and at the same time the cause of its darkness.

Institutional Mission

The mission of this college to students be punctual, humble, problem solvers users of modern technology.

Institutional Goals

1- The main goal of my college is to give Over all development of the students.
2- Over goal is to achieve 100 % success.
3- Its goal is to promote programs and activities of the students.

Core Theme

1- Student Success
2- Academic Excellence
3- Resource Management
4- Community outreach
5- Skill of computer education

Strategic Initiatives

1- Student Experience: Management provide student ability.
2- Reputation: College is reputed in the area.
3- Ensure stable levels of enrolment.
4- Secure sustainable funding.

Mission Statement

1- Study of the student should be learning by doing by this process knowledge lives long in the memory of the students.
2- Load of the bags should not much for the students, it is not good for health my school management thought that in the year of 2022 the load of the bag will lack.
3- To improve the skills of students as they can pass their livelihood without skill students cannot do anything but my principal mam mrs. Juhi Sharma is very curious for this activity.
4- By next three years, the school will fully computerized by this process student will know the knowledge of computer because it is very useful for them.
5- Study should student based by this student will develop them self as they want. Management thinks it will be follow within three years.